Weighty Issues

Weighty Issues
28 October 2012

It’s day 105 of the Defluffing. And weight loss has slowed, slowed, slowed. Only half a pound  lost this week, but I gladly take it. So far 21.5 pounds in total. 

The Prince Consort’s birthday tour began Saturday. This is a new tradition he came up with. Pretty clever. He gets his birthday extended by multiple days over which he gets daily new Birthday Tour treats, like breakfast at Krispy Kreme. (Okay,maybe that had just a little to do with the diet slow-down.) 

According to TPC you wash down donuts with a Birthday Tour trip to Sears. 

Where I spotted the candy. Of course I did. I was already on a sugar and donut high.  And the huge boxes were on sale. 

Hello CANDY!!! 

Whitman’s Candy, with the candy pieces chart printed in the top of the box, is a sweet childhood memory. Although my sister preferred the fool-proof: bite a prospective piece, check inside, put it back in the box or eat it.My sister lives four states away. Which makes me the local candy tester. 

Standing so close I fogged the plastic wrap on the candy boxes, I was ready for the job. But a sales person moved, and I noticed I was surrounded by treadmills and elliptical machines. Someone with a biting sense of humor put the candy display in the middle of the exercise machine department!!!  Now the candy represented a LOT of working out time, if I ever want to lose enough calf-fat to own knee-high boots. 

So TPC and I walked on by. And that’s the story of how I eked out that half pound loss. It was a close one, but whew!!! 

Kath who is considering moving the treadmill next to the refrigerator. Negative reinforcement. 


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