Signs and Portents & Defluffing: Day 81

Signs and Portents & Defluffing: Day 81
7 October 2012

Today is Day 81 of my De Fluffing. Or if it isn’t it feels like at least 81 days or 81 months. The way my weight bounced around, I feared I was going to put weight back on this week. But I stuck to counting calories and exercising, and this morning the scale said I lost two more pounds, for a grand total of nineteen pounds lost so far. 

But there’s no happy dancing because I think I shot myself in the foot again. I found this incredible deal on a fancy scale on WOOT today. So I ordered it. The new scale is so fancy it can talk. Really? I want to be nagged by my scale?  And what if this is a snarky new scale that says I weigh more than good old scale does? Or just snickers at me? Or screams when I step on? Clearly I should not order online before I’ve had morning coffee.  

Deer Butt  Kath Butt
The other reason I am not doing the Weight Loss Happy Dance, is that we downloaded photos off the outdoors camera yesterday. The #%$%^$ thing not only photographed two raccoons, many deer, and our cat Nikki, but it caught another rear view of the ever popular species: Kathamus Wide Buttamus. Just when I think I’m carving the wide angle off my posterior, here’s a portent of what the future will hold if I don’t get the defluffing done. 

 At least the camera doesn’t talk.   

I’m the khaki-panted wide load in the background just above the deer’s butt. Thankfully the camera was not any closer. The deer, who waits each morning for the corn I pour out, is staring at me in disbelief. I can hear her now, “Holy Moron! How much corn does that human eat?!” 

BBQ + Pepsi + Burp/Birp 

Not that much unless we’re counting popcorn. 

And though The Prince Consort and I were sorely tempted because we loved this sign, I did not break my diet to eat at Smokey’s BBQ, drink a Pepsi, or burp for Birp recycling. 

Kath who loves one- stop shopping. And is wondering just exactly what they do with those recycled burps/birps.  


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