Do Your Children Sleep Around?

Do Your Children Sleep Around?
3 October 2012

It’s October, the month for Samhain. So when The Prince Consort and I wanted a different kind of morning walk, we did a cemetery walk. 

 And this is what I learned: Be careful of what you put in stone. 

Years ago my dad said that he found an ancestress’ marker whose dates indicated she was more than two hundred years old when she finally passed on. Makes you wonder what finally did the old girl in. 

Nathan B. Deatherage
Confederate Soldier
This morning, after an hour of reading the birth and death dates on marker after marker, this one made us stop and scratch our heads. They took ‘em mighty young on the CSA side. 

In Memory of
Our Children
Who Sleep Around

The cemetery was quiet and TPC was being respectful when I broke out in hysterical laughter. I circled an ornate monument built in the 19th c. Two sides were engraved with information about the wealthy people for whom it was erected. But on the back was a plain panel. I am pretty sure the sentiment was a serious and loving invitation to descendants to plant themselves in the family plot, but 150 years later leaving out that ‘us’  ... 

 Or maybe this is what they call getting in the last word?

Kath: who’s all for:  say what you mean, mean what you say, lie ‘up’ about your age, and don’t forget the pronouns.  


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