A-Maze-ingly Lost

A-Maze-ingly Lost
14 October 2012

So today is day 88 of my DeFluffing. Yipee! 20.5 pounds lost altogether! At this point, if I can avoid thinking of the cat’s food as possible me diet food since there’s no calorie count on the bag, I’m doing well. The new scale came, and it does talk, but thankfully all it says is a far too cheerful, “You Can DO IT!” If it had announced my weight out loud, I would have had to shoot it. 

The longer I go on a diet, the harder it is to count those calories, and the more I think about food. While watching my alma mater, FSU, play football yesterday, I was paying more attention to the food commercials than the score. It’s not just the Cheezits commercial. The AFLAC duck is beginning to look delicious. The GEICO lizard, tastes like chicken? 

Exercising: This week The Prince Consort and I found some impressive excuses for not doing the morning walk. We decided to try other places to walk. Like the nearly defunct mall. I do not mall-walk well when I cannot window shop. I gave up after fifteen minutes.

Corn maze: two Entries, two Exits
Our next ‘other’ place to walk was a corn maze. This maze has ten acres to walk. We were ready! But since we’d never been in a maze, we decided to start with the beginners’ maze over on the right. Supposedly you could walk in and get back out in fifteen minutes. Unless you got lost. 

Which we did. Just as we started to panic, I figured out that the cute card the ticket seller handed us was not just a drawing of the elaborate maze, but a map. Yep. Had we followed the map... But it was too late. We had no idea where we were on the map. l needed to get OUT. And not just because the Kettle Korn booth was near the maze entrance. So we retraced our steps. At this point I did NOT care we weren’t going to come out the official Exit. If we hadn’t found the Entry and skulked back out, I would have burrowed through the cornstalks. Did I mention I do not do well being trapped?

Once out, it was unanimous. No BIG maze. 

Instead we went on the hayride. Which was NOT like TPC and my first date. Daytime hayrides with families are not fraternity hayrides. For one thing TPC and I did not wake up the next morning alone on the hay trailer in the parking lot between his fraternity house and my sorority house. 

Kath who needs pizza!  NOW!


  1. Over 20 pounds lost! Yay! I need help! Come be my drill sergeant!

  2. Nobody listen to Connie. She is the mistress/master at well done weight loss. She looks like a teenager since she took control away from the food. And now she's writing a book on how to do it. And she better let me have an interview when she publishes it!

  3. 20 lbs is impressive! And, take heart, you're not the first person to get lost in a corn maze! We finally cheated and went through the stalks, carefully, so as not to let anybody else know how to get out! Lol It took our friends another half hour!

  4. Thank you, Jan. It's reassuring we're not the only ones who eyed those spaces between the stalks!

  5. Congratulations on your 20+ pounds. Way to go!!

  6. Thank you so much, Patricia. I have the advantage of NOT being in Rome like you. The food temptations here are much less!

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