Cheap and Calorie Free, De Fluffing Day 74

Cheap and Calorie Free,   De Fluffing Day 74
30 September 2012

I’m flat out of things to write about today. It’s all High Daemon Abdon Mallack’s  fault. I’m so absorbed in revising a manuscript with her as the teen protagonist so I can submit it this week, that I skipped being obsessed about myself. 

Well, that just sounds wrong. 

So today after The Prince Consort and my morning walk, just over 4.5 miles so there can be dessert tonight, I weighed. On day 74 I have lost all tolled 17 pounds. I feel better. No indigestion. My clothes don’t pinch. Okay the fat clothes don’t pinch. There are several other ‘stages of fatness’ clothes in my closet to slim down through. I will do this. I’m thirteen pounds from my ‘I can maintain at this weight and not kill anyone’ goal. It’s all good. 

This week I came up with another trick to keep dieting. I was watching some horrible reality show where everyone and their pet pig constantly drank champagne. How they stayed upright on those six inch heels is a complete mystery.  Anyway, I love champagne, the drier the better. I’ve never gotten the whole concept of a Mimosa. If the champagne is any good, why mess it up with orange juice? Orange juice is healthy. Bad idea to put healthy with bubbly. 

It’s like Harvey Wallbangers. Which I will never be able to drink again due to an unfortunate event in college. It started off well-meaning enough. One of my sorority sisters was the first woman to gain student body office since FSU became co-ed. We decided to celebrate. So a group of my sisters and I went to a boyfriend’s apartment with a bottle of Galliano as tall as I was. That night we defined the divide in our sorority house: the serious celebrators and the amateurs. Susan and I were the pros. The amateurs gave up drinking when we ran out of orange juice and vodka. Susan and I saw it through to the end of that five foot tall bottle. 

And my hangover lasted a week. Only time in my college experience when I could have cared less about dessert or the remote possibility of seconds at dinner. 

Anyway, like I was saying about the new dieting trick. I wanted bubbly like the reality show femmes.  I inherited a pair of toasting flutes. Since Champagne has too many calories for a professional celebrator like myself, I pour glass after glass of lovely bubbly sparkling water into a flute and enjoy. And I stay off the six inch heels. 

Kath who is Cheap and calorie free. ( 2 liter bottles of sparkling water for $.88. Pretty good, huh?)  


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