Are we Lost Yet? and Defluffing Day 67

Are we Lost Yet? and Defluffing Day 67 
23 September 2012

Well, Yes! In one sense of the word ‘lost’, YES!! I’ve continued to lose weight.  I can button my pink blouse and wear those Marine green cargo pants (a blindingly awesome fashion statement together.) and I have lost all tolled in 67 days.... 16.5 pounds! I’m over halfway to my Goal!!! Yes, sirree. ( Insert happy dance here, without pants splitting in the rear.) Since I am quite the packrat, I have plenty of smaller sized clothes to shop through in my closet. Wearing old favorites is better than going out and spending new money. 

I am proud to say, when as a special treat we had lunch at Golden Corral, I was in control of my eating addiction!! For the first time I did not drag our table over to the Bakery racks so that the yeast rolls were in my reach at all times, (mine, all mine!). And I did NOT growl at small children who tried to get near the chocolate fountain when I was ready for dessert. ( I skipped both, and sat with my back to them so I wouldn’t glare at those who did not.) 

For me, this is real progress. 

As to another meaning of the word ‘lost’, well, that has to do with going to the lake. Where, yes, we generally get lost in the coves. And have spent a lot of time trying to find our way home at the end of a day of fishing. Since TPC took a class and is now the master of the little hand held GPS, he brought it with us. The idea was to mark the marina, then each fishing spot on the GPS maps, and we’d be able to find our way. Especially mark the marina. Find our WAY HOME! 

The ‘points’ are marked, and we’ll find out when we go out again if it worked. I ‘m tiny bit skeptical. The GPS screen kept showing us on the highway miles from the lake. 

This morning’s Are We Lost Yet?, has to do with our morning walks. Apparently this as yet unnamed (I’m open to suggestions.) mini relative of the car GPS,( Brumhilda the witch with a B), erased the morning walk ‘points’ when TPC was putting in the lake markers. So the walk stuff had to be done over. Keep in mind we walk on an asphalt walkers path, not out in the wild. I’m just saying. We’ve yet to get lost on the walking paths. 

So here we go. Out of the car. See the pond, mark it:

Down the path behind White Hall get ready to mark the ‘hairpin’ turn by the old barn. Note that TPC is one spiffy dresser! His clothes match, while I’m just happy that mine fit. 

Here’s the barn. Mark it:

Around the side of White Hall heading back to the pond. 

Up and past the pastures. Mark.

Back to the pond. Mark. 
I can see the car!!! We’re saved! We found our way home!!! 

Kath who got pretty dizzy going in circles on the lake so TPC could test the GPS compass, but is Not lost , and Has lost weight


  1. Love the pictures! I envy you for living in such a scenic area!

  2. Thank you, Janet. We are indeed very lucky.


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