De Fluffing: Day 32, Pizza Day

De Fluffing: Day 32, Pizza Day
19 August 2012

Okay. There’s not any actual pizza involved, yet. But there is the fact it’s not getting any easier to diet. Now the clouds are mocking me. Halfway through our morning walk, I noticed the clouds had morphed into bubbly cheese on a large pineapple and onion pizza, thick crust. 

The Prince Consort didn’t see pizza-cheese bubbling. For him it was a stack of pancakes. 

Nope.  I’ll go with the pizza. 

So over the last week I managed to carve off another pound. Which means I’m down 8.5 pounds all tolled. A pound and a half short of my first goal. 

My friend Ann doesn’t believe in weighing. Instead she uses the Jeans Test. When the jeans fit, the diet is working. I got out my stage one jeans. They zipped right up, without laying on the floor or using pliers to pull up the zipper. A feat that I had not accomplished for a while. But someone stuffed an extra roll of me in the jeans, and it hung over the waist of my hip-hugging jeans. Yeah. I know. How drunk was I to buy hip-huggers? Stores should breathalyze women over forty before allowing them to buy anything a teenager thinks is cool. 

The jeans are right. And the scale is right. I have a ways to go. I want the scale to stop groaning and the jeans that fit me to be two sizes smaller than the ones that fit now. 

Kath: who for now will have to settle for cloud-pizza, heavy cheese and pineapple, hold the ... nothing. As long as I’m hallucinating a meal, give me the works. And throw in some hot peppers too! 


  1. Brava! Keep up the keeping off -- and have another slice of cloud pizza.

  2. Thank you, Vicki. That cloud pizza may be too much of pizza light. sigh. May need a slice of the real thing one day.


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