The Spider was HOW Big?

The Spider was HOW Big? 
My Wild Kingdom
22 July 2012
The Prince Consort started walking with me in the mornings. He doesn’t believe the $%#%$^%& iPod app about how long or far we trudge either. But that’s another matter. Mostly TPC is not a big believer in going out and walking the same route day after day. Too boring. A bit puzzling from a man who ran cross country in high school. But there you go. 
So to say TPC is eager to walk each morning is to exaggerate. Or more precisely to over look the 1001 excuses he can come up with for why Not This Morning. A favorite being: Never on Sunday. News flash, it’s not Sunday Every day. 
I thought he’d hit the mother lode and final excuse the other morning. 
Before we walked I’d stepped outside to wonder at the  fog that was making the woods ethereal. 
 Across our front woods it looked like the moon was caught in the branches. I walked into the woods with my trusty Canon for closer shots of the fog, the light, and the glistening spider webs. Big ones. I was being as quiet as possible while taking the photos, when I heard rustling. Two deer off to my left were staring at me. Instead of the shy does running away, they came closer and closer. 
They hung around until I stopped taking photos. I got the message and put out the morning corn. I think the larger one was the doe who appeared every morning this winter waiting for corn. You’ll have to ask her how patient she has to be to get the handout from the over-sleeping (doesn’t emerge from the house until After dawn!) human.  
I didn’t think any more about the deer and the spiderwebs until TPC and I headed up the driveway for our walk. He ran into a web stretched across the drive. Now there’s a spider thinking BIG. Planning on trapping dinner bigger than the prey the spiders in the woods,  who may have only been thinking deer. 
Kath who admires spiders, but is NOT letting them trap my twenty-one year old Beemer,  or even TPC.  


  1. Love the photos ... especially the ethereal deer in the background ...

  2. Thank you, Darla. It was a magical moment.

  3. Lovely pictures -- and nice word pictures too!

  4. Thank you so much, Vicki. That is so very special to hear from someone who puts her gorgeous photos together with wonderful words every day.


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