Hot Signs of the Apocalypse?

Hot Signs of the Apocalypse? 
My Wild Kingdom 
3 July 2012
This morning Nikki Cat did not ask to go “OOWWWTTT!”. Could it be that The Serf (me) actually knew what she was talking about?  Has the earth shifted on its axis? 
It’s Hot.  So hot I kept NikkiCat inside for three days despite his non-stop commentary on how unbelievably mean I was, even for a human. When it dropped below 100 yesterday, I let him “OWWWTTT!” He came home early, plopped down by the air conditioning duct, and failed to even make mention of his usual evaluation of how lousy the service was around this house. 
Apparently it was hot enough yesterday that today his majesty did not see the need to demand to go “OWWWT!”. That’s one for the The Serf, and given that The Serf can’t be correct, possibly the first sign of the End of Days. 
Talk about unsettling signs, there’s the raccoon who came to the glass screen door the other afternoon. Asking for the bird baths to be filled up, drinking water needed? This was just wrong.  A: nocturnal animals, raccoons are not supposed to panhandle in the middle of the day, and B: they are NOT supposed to know we have two doors, not just the back kitchen door that one tromped through a couple of weeks ago. 
And of course there’s the humming birds who apparently do not see the lone hibiscus plant on the deck as sufficient for a thirsty bird. After visiting all of today’s hibiscus blossoms, the hummer flew over to me and hovered.  He clearly had a problem with the paucity of humming bird friendly plants. His hard stare said, “That’s it?” 
The hummer is not the only bird who felt a need to comment. The garage-nesting wren landed on the railings to shrill at me in wrenese, “STAY the Flock out of the garage, lady.” I take it opening the garage door lets in the Hot.  
As for hard stares from birds, I give the titmice the prize. As I was pounding away on my laptop, he landed on the chair across from me, his beak full of unshelled sunflower seed. Over and over he perched on the chair and cracked the seeds then flew to the trees. At this point I was paranoid enough to believe he was either making the point that I did not purchase sunflower hearts which meant he had to do a Lot of work getting the seed out of the shell, or he was saying thank you. 
Kath who has decided whether it’s the End of Days or not, she’ll go with “Thank you” from the titmouse. 


  1. My poor pups dont bother coming out to play, they stay under the house in the dark cool shade, once in awhile I tempt them with cool fresh drinking water this is twice a day, today even the small finches seem to be rustling in the dirt I assume cooling themselves with the shaded dirt.

    Smart cat you have there :)

    Stay cool as best we can its summer time in the 3rd degree.

  2. Thank you. Please stay cool.
    LOL! Love your 'summer time in the 3rd degree.' !

  3. I don't mean to brag, but it's a cool 80 soething here in Hotlanta this evening, thanks to a heavy rainstorm in time for rush hour. I doubt it cooled off those hot-headed drivers. I'll be looking for steam coming off the cars in the evening news report. Meanwhile, I will be like Nikki Cat lying close to the ac vent. "Summer in the 3rd Degree" would make a great book title, Halloweencouple.

  4. I'm glad you got rain, Connie. I agree about Halloweencouple's Summer in the 3rd Degree. We'll buy that book in a HOT Atlanta or KY minute.
    THundering here now. We had about 15 minutes of rain. It's a start!

  5. In these tough times, we could all use a little help. I choose to think the titmouse was thanking you...

  6. Since the titmouse keeps bringing the seed to the chair nearest me, I'd like to think the same.
    Thank you for reading.


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