Everybody’s Snacking Except Me

Everybody’s Snacking Except Me
Day 11 of DeFluffing
29 July 2012
Really, I’m not being snarky. The DeFluffing is working. Last check-in, I was down a total of five pounds, and The Prince Consort was kind enough to Not get on the scales right after me and Whoop, “I lost 10 pounds,”  or 1000 or whatever he’s lost just by sitting in the living room next to me, watching the Olympics.  
But I notice. EVERYBODY else is snacking.
Sigh. This perfect doe needs no diets.  She can snack on  all the corn she wants. 
And then there’s her fawn. This little guy bounces around the woods while Mom eats. He nibbles on saplings and other tender green things. But we all know these are only snacks; he’ll chow down when Mom is ready. 

Since we put out sunflower seeds and corn for every critter who ambles into our woods, I’m getting used to watching the outdoor gang snack in front of me.
 But everybody inside the house should be more considerate. 
About 2:30 a. m. NikkiCat got up for a snack. I was too sleepy to stalk him and demand a share of his kibble.  A few minutes later he flew back onto the bed with his snack in his mouth. 
A mouse. 
I shot up in bed, grabbed snack-sharing NikkiCat, and dumped him and his mouthful on the floor. “No eating in bed.” 
Kath who must be getting into the De Fluffing rhythm since she went back to sleep instead of getting up to hunt and kill a bag of Cheezits. 


  1. HA! I think the mouse-in-the-mouth has cured me of wanting a snack...at least for the moment. ;-)

  2. I'm with you, Darla. Snacking has become a lot less attractive. Along with sleeping through the night knowing NikkiCat slept Allll day.

  3. Congratulations on the -five pounds!

  4. Thank you, Vicki. Big breath, and keep going.


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