Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

Does This Make My Butt Look Big?
10 July 2012
Why on earth would I allow The Prince Consort to shoot a photo of Wide Load, my overfed rear? I didn’t. This is the evil motion-sensitive outdoor camera’s idea of funny. We set it up on the side deck to find out what was digging up the planters. And no, it wasn’t me. 
Because TPC barely avoided running into a skunk the other night, I went with skunk as best guess for the pot vandal. TPC was not willing to set up a live trap to catch a skunk. He pointed out that once caught, ‘Someone’ was going to have to pick up the cage and drive the skunk to wilder property. From the tail-up snarky attitude of the previous night’s skunk, I had a pretty vivid picture of a full load of stink. There ensued a short discussion about who’s car would be transport. We agreed at once. Neither of us. Stalemate.
Before we did anything rash with the live-trap TPC set up the camera to get proof. Maybe it wasn’t a skunk.  All we got was photos of Wide Load and TPC. How on earth was the furry criminal getting to the pots on our second story deck and not setting off the camera? 
TPC got the answer when he went out to get the flag. A raccoon, a large one with its own Wide Load, was climbing up the deck column BEHIND the camera. Uh, huh. Who’s the smart one now? 
Not owning a live-trap big enough for Moby Raccoon the Great Wide Critter, TPC sprinkled cayenne on the planters’ soil. We’ll see. 
Kath who has nothing to say about why suddenly the evil outdoor camera no longer works. 


  1. No, it isn't your butt, it's that skinny side deck. Optical delusion.

  2. LOL! You are so wise. Why didn't I see that?


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