De Fluffing: Days One to Three

De Fluffing: Days One to Three
21 July 2012
Day One:  went okay. Well, except for when I had to leave the side deck because I was growling at the hummingbird who kept visiting the hibiscus plant and flying away with bugs- food! 
At the end of the day I entered the last of the day’s food eaten and hit the Total for the day button on the diet app. And the #%$% app popped up with a Lecture! I was 200 calories Under my goal and that was BAD. A regrettably logical lecture printed in red appeared. It was all about putting my body into starvation mode and burning muscle instead of fat. I was to pay attention and eat the goal number of calories. Geesh. 
For dinner on day One I went back to an old favorite salad: Romaine lettuce, walnuts, bleu cheese crumbled, mandarin orange slices, and the water from the mandarin orange slices for a dressing over the salad. I’d forgotten how I love the tastes, the crunch, the freshness.  I didn’t try once to stab The Prince Consort and take his corned beef hash. Not that I’m saying I didn’t think of it. 
Day Two: It wasn’t until Day Two that I figured out the fancy food scale I got for Christmas. How to turn it on. How to get it to weigh the food. It was touch and go as to whether I would learn how to operate a $%#$%^ food scale or there would be one more item in the Salvation Army donation box. 
Day two I weighed in at a two pound loss. I know this is water weight. Who knew I’d swallowed a Great Lake? 
Day Three: 
I’ve gotten in my power walks with wrist weights for arm exercise each day. Today another walking neighbor commented on my brisk pace. Well, yeah, when I can see my home two houses ahead, I do get a burst of speed.  
Goal for the first week:   to lose enough of Lake Superior’s water weight so that my size Large t shirts (my favorite fashion statement) will slide down PAST my hips. Okay, I can tug them down, but I want them to Stay down. 
Kath the Fluffy


  1. My start date for Food Awareness Trail (or is that Trial?) is August 1st. This allows plenty of time for my procrastinating nature to catch up with the plan, and offers several "last hurrah!" dates before F.A.T. starts. What app did you find?! Please share if it is not a secret weapon.

  2. Good for you setting that date for your FAT! And I love your name for it. If you are as bad a procrastinator as I am, you'll make a calendar with today as August 1, so you're right on Procrastinator time to start on the 'real' August 1.

    The mobile (phone and iPad) app I use is MyFitnessPal. It's free-just the right price.

  3. Good idea! LOL Thanks for the info on the app; I'll give it a go. And, after reading a few of your back-posts, clearly this is the spot to come when I need a dose of humor... ;-)

  4. Now, you're making me blush. Thank you so much.

  5. Oh, good for you! I myself am in serious need of de-fluffing. . .

  6. I'm trying, but if I cooked as well as you, I'd just not worry about fluffy and just enjoy your wonderful homegrown food. Shoot. Now I'm drooling remembering some of your blogs about food.


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