Red Rover, Red Rover, All the House Over

Red Rover, Red Rover, All the House Over
25 May 2012
I painted my office red because I love that color. It makes me feel like the possibilities are endless.  
But a friend asked if I’d chosen red because I wear red a lot?  Well, no. I outgrew my toddler Happi coat and kimono decades ago.(Were the seeds of red planted when I was a little ankle biter?)  And I ate my way out of my favorite red blazer a while back. 
Another friend asked if the office was red because I write about demons, bloody red? No. I don’t think so. Pretty sure. I know The Prince Consort would like to believe that’s not why the red. When he reads my drafts he already asks, “How do you think of this stuff?” From the panicked expression, that’s not a warm and fuzzy compliment. 

I dismissed the whole ‘why red’ question until I warned a friend about my Japanese Bordello guest room. Which made me joke about the guest room going with my Red Light District Red Office. 
All of sudden the brain cells clicked together. Red. How much red was there in my house? 
Instead of reproducing the soothing mostly neutrals my mother decorated with using her Japanese treasures, I took what I inherited and went RED. It wasn’t just that I reupholstered the former muted green chairs, the Bare Naked Ladies (now known as The Ladies),  in bold patterns. I took my mother’s sunroom furnishings and dumped the  soothing greens for party Gold and RED, Japanese Bordello.  
As for the rest of the house, if red in one room is good, apparently a lot everywhere is a much better. It is just possible that I may not have a future in decorating. 
For Father’s Day The Prince Consort is getting a red, white, and blue waterproof watch. I figure a waterproof watch is the same as toting along an umbrella to prevent rain. If TPC is wearing a waterproof watch when we go out on his john boat, we will not sink. And red is a bonus. How’s that for rationalizing? 
Apparently for me there is never enough red. I convinced TPC to paint this trellis red. I think I’ve got him talked into painting the table beside the gargoyle red too. 
The hat was on sale, and had to come home with me. Not my fault. 
Kath: Who may just look for more red clothes. 


  1. Looks great! Cobalt blue is my must-have color.

  2. (I sure thought I'd already left a comment on this post.) I love the Japanese bordello look! And the red accents everywhere are energizing.

  3. I'm so sorry, Vicki. I had one of those brain burps and missed that I needed to 'moderate' to make sure your comment got published. Mea Culpa. Thank you.


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