Bare Naked Lady

Bare Naked Lady
1 May 2012
It’s that time of year again. DIY. Also known as when The Prince Consort demonstrates a disconcerting ability to disappear.  Which he clearly needs more practice at, because I asked for a baby Japanese Maple buried in front of the house. He took out the weeds/aka grass, planted the tree, put down mulch, and today bought some pretty dianthus for the base of the tree. WAAAy more than I asked for. 
But when I started work on the Ladies, he disappeared into the garden. Oh, wait. I get it. Invisibility is project sensitive. 
The two Ladies used to sit in my mother’s sunroom. Their upholstery was faded and stained. When it came time to find them new homes, they didn’t match anyone’s decor. I couldn’t leave them behind, so they came home with me. 
It took me a year to figure out what to do. I cruised the fabric aisles and found bold material so unlike the elegant lime velvet the Ladies used to wear. At the sight of the dramatic fabric, TPC rolled his eyes and went to Lowes for more mulch. 

So I stripped one of the Ladies. Here she is, Bare Naked. Except for her padding. Yeah, well padded in the seat, just like me.  
Here she is, on the right, in her new outfit. I think the other Lady looks a little skeptical. 
Kath who is NOT looking for TPC when I go to work on the other Bare Naked Lady. 


  1. Thank you, Vicki. I'm feeling VERY fashion forward. WAit until you see what we did to my office!


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