No Fooling, Do NOT Disturb

Not Fooling, Do NOT Disturb
1 April 2012
For decades it was easy to schedule writing time. I just picked the hours when Professor Daughter didn’t need me, and The Prince Consort was at work. Professor Daughter ran away to become a professor, and TPC retired. I ran out of easy pickings. 
So I need a plan to enforce my writing hours. Unfortunately part of why we bought this house was my office with the beautiful French doors. Head thunk. French doors do NOT have locks. Thus there is no way to lock out invading hordes during Office Hours. 
I tried barricading with the shoji screen set up inside the doors. The screen stops the doors from opening, but makes TPC feel rejected. 
My last resort has deeply offended TPC. I taped these subtle signs to the doors:
Do not meddle in the affairs of the writer. She is snarky and will write about you. 
Stay OUT, unless you are on fire or bleeding at a rate greater than a pint every three seconds. 
Office hours are until I answer with human-like noises. Step away if you hear multiple voices.
Even if the Voices are not real they have some pretty good ideas.
I like interrupters. I just can’t eat a whole one all by myself. 

The writer is in. Step away from the door. 
I added Chauncy Dragon and Semper Fi the Marine Corps mascot, along with Don Key to door guarding duty. 
Anyone have any more suggestions? 

Kath who is bringing my door picture of the writer to her hair cutter for the next ‘do’. 


  1. I see you took my suggestion about posting a sign to heart. :-)

    I love Chauncy Dragon! Should I ever have someone sharing my abode again (other than the two cats), I will definitely keep him in mind as a reinforcement!

  2. Yep. Thank you, Elise.
    Unfortunately TPC is not thrilled with the signs. He has designated a periphery around his recliner chair into which now I must not intrude. However, he has not put up a sign.

  3. Ooh!! Now there's a thought.


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