Home of the Champion Nappers

Home of the Champion Nappers
18 April 2012
It’s not that we drove to the Louisville zoo because we were in search of sleeping animals. The Prince Consort and I can stay home and be ignored by our snoring cats 23.5 hours a day. We hit the road early to get to the zoo when it opened. We hoped to see active animals. 
Right. Or about 50% right. Easily half the animals were napping. 
Although in the Herpetology House, (Which has nothing to do with lip cold sores and everything to do with reptiles.) I’m not dead on sure if the snakes were all asleep or just watching through tightly slitted eyes.
 Except for this one who I swear I heard snoring. Notice the slightly open mouth in the middle of his knot. I didn’t catch the kind of snake, because I was busy worrying about the empty viper case below him. EMPTY? Heat lamp on, but no viper? 

The snow leopard was definitely only halfway napping. 

Maybe the snow leopard couldn’t relax, because he didn’t have other snow leopards to take up the slack on guard duty. Two out of the three lions were definitely able to nap. No surprise, a lioness was on duty. Males are males no matter the species when it comes to watching crowds or TV through closed eyes. 
Apparently the same ‘one on duty’ rule exists for mallards. 
And for vultures. Seems like the guy on duty is NOT happy about it. 

Storks work hard, nap hard whether the other guy is awake or not. Which ‘he’ wasn’t. 

Guanacos require multiple  guards for one sleeper. 
Same rule for camels. At least this was the only one fully laid out. 
White rhinos needed a third for guard duty. These two are relaxed, if not napping. 
Wrapped in dreams? Got to admire the ability to sleep AND hang by one foot. 
Pygmy Hippo, no minor league napper. 
Some can’t nap, like this polar bear cub. 
He’s going to be one cranky baby. And it’s all the stupid humans’ fault. Someone closed the door to the nap area! 

Kath who got home, got her nap area door open, and . . .


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