I Love My New iPad, and So Does the Cat

I Love My New iPad,  and So Does My Cat
25 March 2012
I was NOT in love with reading ebooks on my laptop. Nor on the little Sony Reader. Like Goldilocks, I found one too small and one too large. And yet I am seriously thinking that the only way I will ever see any of my finished mss. in ‘print’ is if I self publish an ebook. Ironic, huh? 
Because I was flying cross country a lot, last spring I bought a refurbished iPad to load with ebooks. Before I could use it, the reason for the trips passed away. 
The Prince Consort stepped in and adopted the iPad as his own. By adopted, I mean he keeps it by his side no matter where he goes. No exceptions. Yep. EVERYWHERE. No, don’t ask. There too. 
I made an atypically bold decision and decided when the new iPad came out, I would order myself an early birthday present. BEST present ever. My arm is cramped up from patting my own back.  
The new iPad is FABULOUS. I am reading ebooks like crazy. Not because I don’t first and foremost adore the feel of a real book in my hands, that will always be my first love. But here’s the thing, I can’t drop off to sleep at night unless I read myself to sleep. The light from the bedside lamp drives TPC crazy. Which is exceedingly odd since he can’t fall to sleep unless the TV is on. Let me get this straight. The TV puts out light, but it’s different? 
And then the iPad arrived. Bonus time. No bedside lamp needed. Set it up in my regular  bookstand, turn it on, and voila’. It even turns itself off when someone starts snoring. I think. At least it’s off when I wake up. Then again there is a more unsettling possible explanation. 
NikkiCat is a night time cuddler. First night with the new iPad, he wedged himself between me and the propped up iPad. Unfortunately before I turned on (opened?) the ebook, I tarried over that video of the creepy cat that Professor Daughter sent. Immediately NikkiCat was mesmerized. Hopefully not taking notes. He patted the screen. Cute. 

Cute once. 
Video over, I opened the ebook and tapped the right side to turn the page. NikkiCat patted the left, turning the page back. I tapped the right side twice to get back my place. NikkiCat patted the left. And so it went until one of us dozed off. When that one woke, glasses halfway off her nose, NikkiCat was sound asleep, and the iPad was off. 
Kath who wonders if NikkiCat stayed awake long enough to finish the book. Do cats read from back to front or left to right? 


  1. Hilarious! You might download Archy and Mehitabel for Nikkicat to read --

    I'm lusting after an Ipad -- same exact read in bed situation here.

  2. Thank you, Vicki. To add to the unsettling iPad thing. The next night I woke and my glasses were on the bed next to Nikki, the iPad was off, and Nikki was sound asleep. My glasses?


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