Green Hornet Goes to the River

Green Hornet Goes to the River
8 March 2012 
Sunday night we got our first real snow of the winter. The Prince Consort and I headed down to the river on Green Hornet. We found a winter wonderland.
Green Hornet settled down by the river. 
And feeling very manly in the snowy woods. 
Green Hornet watches the river for the Lochness Monster. 
Helloooo. Anybody in the little caves across the river? 
Looking for Sasquatch on the top of the ridge across the river. 
Did you hear something behind us? 
Okay. Ready to go home now. 
Kath who loved the quiet beauty just as much as The Prince Consort and Green Hornet.  And didn’t see a single Sasquatch track. 


  1. Kath - Your mention of Sasquatch got my attention; we joke about him in our neck of the woods as well! Sounds like you have a blast on the Green Hornet with your Prince Consort. ^_^

  2. Have you seen a Sasquatch?
    We do indeed have a wonderful time on Green Hornet. The river is such a sanctuary. Because there is very little bottom land along the river right here, mostly cliffs like Bulls Hell, hard to get down to the river. So it's mostly just us down there. We think.

  3. Winter woods -- so magical! Great pics, Kath!

  4. Thank you, Vicki. Your wonderful photography is my inspiration. If anyone wants to begin their day with truly wonderful photographs that tell infinite stories go to Vicki's blog


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