The Fun of Accoutrement

The Fun of Accoutrement
1 March 2012

My sister taught me how to put fun into a shopping list with the simple use of the word ‘accoutrement’.
The Prince Consort adopted hunting for ‘accoutrement’ like a raccoon takes to raiding the bird feeder. He made an accoutrement list. Apparently owning an ATV like Green Hornet awakens creativity. TPC is all about making cool camping stuff. After only five stores and two days we found just the right tins for the tiny camp stove/ candle he made from the tin container, used cardboard, and old candles.
 Some accoutrements are fattening. I did my part to help so TPC could construct another ‘accoutrement’ camp stove. Two boxes of saltines and several days of soup later he had enough empty soup cans. Add speed-drinking coffee to empty the coffee can. which did leave me just a bit twitchy. TPC built the stove and toasted the accoutrement marshmallows. And I sacrificed again, eating the toasted marshmallows. (If I hadn’t sat on the graham crackers and eaten the chocolate bars before we got to the campsite, we’d have had some-mores. But twitchiness also makes me hungry.) 

TPC is still looking for a cheap used pan to make into a camp pot. We checked out HomeGoods where I found my own accoutrement. 
Willy does not camp, and he’s not fattening. 
Kath who is beginning to see a whole new positive side to accoutrement hunting. 


  1. I've noticed that men are, in general, bigger suckers for gadgets and accoutrements than women are . . .

  2. So true. But I have to say he's really fascinating when he's making accoutrements from accoutrements.


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