No Cup Holders!

No Cup Holders!
9 February 2012
The Prince Consort claims I said, “No Cup holders” 432 times. Maybe, but I’m giving myself points for restraint. TPC’s TV-watching chair, fifteen years old, was saggy and worn. When I tested it, my bottom nearly hit the floor. ( No witnesses, so I’m sticking with ‘nearly’ hit the floor.)  
 Time to shop. So driving into town, I agreed to a recliner IF: it was attractive, in a nice neutral color, and definitely NO CUP HOLDERS!  I knew what he had in mind. And I was not turning my carefully cluttered/ decorated living room into a Man Cave. NO. NO. NO. 
So  store after store Goldilocks, aka TPC, sat in the recliners. This bed/chair was too soft/ small; this too hard/ big. The back of this chair was too low-he’d get whiplash if he ever fell asleep and his head dropped back (like that wasn’t guaranteed to happen within fifteen minutes of sitting.) This one only had two positions-upright like a debutante sitting at a tea table or flat on your back like a patient in a dentist’s chair. (We voluntarily left store #2 after acting out TPC getting his teeth drilled in the red leather beauty.)  Who’d have thunk a male looking for a chair he Will sleep in anyway could be this picky? Yeah, well, trust me. 
So last store, there it was. The butt (Yes, I’m going for the double entendre’.) ugliest, TWO cup holders, shiny dark pleather, and electric control. Electric? Cross my heart, the S.S. CupHolder has a motor so TPC can pick from an infinite number of back positions. Love at 101st sight. We bought it. 
Given the technological advancement of this chair, it has been christened the “Star Ship CupHolder.”

TV watching. Intent remote control test. 

Test by Chauncy Dragon
Sleep test. 
And no. I am not going to wake him up and get him out of the chair. I’m allergic to fire breathing snorers. 

Kath who needs to get TPC out to play golf so she can captain S.S. CupHolder. 


  1. You could, of course, make tasteful little flower arrangements for the cup holders...

  2. LOL!, Like the flower in the old VW's?


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