Facebook Wants a What?

Facebook Wants a What? 
2 February 2012 
I took the big step. Joined Facebook, if that’s the correct phraseology. I did it all by myself. Professor Daughter lives several states away, so couldn’t walk me through this. I guess this means I am growing up. Facing my computer terrors. 
Right. Which is why once I thought I had my Facebook page set up, Professor Daughter  sent me a comment reminding me I needed to put up a photo. WHAT??  Oh, right. Facebook. Photo of face. 
I hate photos of me, so there are few of them around. I went through iPhoto looking. I found one from our visit to Professor Daughter when she lived in TX, a pretty good shot of prairie dogs. I think there’s a fair resemblance. I’m short,  kind of ‘fluffy’,  and depending on how long since the last highlighting, blondish, just like the prairie dog. 

Or there’s the photo of the turkeys. Check the necks. The resemblance is uncanny. I’d say dead ringer first thing in the morning before I pull on the day’s turtleneck.  Like TPC says, he can’t remember the last time he saw me not wearing a high necked turtleneck shirt. Which is why I get up first in the morning. 

Then I spotted the photo my sister took last year on our road trip between TX and CA.  We honestly only stopped at one souvenir store, but we made the most of it. This photo would have been much improved if my sister had given me enough time to get the bag over my head. But it is what it is. And yes, I am the one in the back, not the one with the rack. Well, not the antler type rack. 
Kath who has to get her new driver’s license this spring. Which means a new photo. I’m  working on a way to get them to use the prairie dog photo. 


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