Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon
5 January 2012
Time for those New Year resolutions, huh? I resolve to make up my New Year Resolutions by July, or September. November at the latest. Maybe. 
For now I’m good with the fact that this is The Year of the Dragon. Which I found out while cruising the Cross pens site looking for something Santa could surprise me with. There it was: The Year of the Dragon pen. WOW! a thing of beauty and of too dear a price for my Santa.
So, without a fancy pen, I’m declaring my own Year of the Dragon. It’s perfect. I collect dragons.  I write about  dragons. My office is filled with dragons. Not the snarly kind. I’m snarly enough. I don’t need dragons competing with me for Snarly of the Year Award. I’ve held it for ten years running, and I’m not giving it up. 

My inner Bejeweled Dragon already took the whole treadmill challenge up a notch. I’ve let go of the handlebars while tread-milling! Oddly that caused the treadmill to make a LOT of huffing and puffing while I’m speed walking. Not possibly me. Bejeweled Dragons spit fire. They do not gasp for breath or drip sweat.  
 My inner Bejeweled Dragon talked The Prince Consort into changing the bland painted kitchen backsplash to glass tiles. Update coming. So far we’re still in the stage where we make daily trips to the hardware store to get all the ‘stuff’. 
My inner Bejeweled Dragon swapped V8 for Pepsi and baby carrots for potato chips. Not sure how long a dragon can survive on healthy food. This may have to be revisited. 
My inner Bejeweled Dragon is going to dump the self doubt. All those manuscripts crouching in drawers are coming out. They are going visiting. They’re going to strut up to unsuspecting editors. Somewhere there’s an editor who loves dragons, my dragons. 
My inner Bejeweled Dragon rode on the back of TPC’s new ATV, where she learned that helmets are not for keeping heads attached to shoulders. Helmets are for protecting against thickets of wicked sharp weeds that snap back as TPC drives like a dragon pursued.
Kath, who’s pretty sure this inner Bejeweled Dragon needs to apply jewels to that ATV helmet. 


  1. Oh yeah! A jeweled helmet is a must, and so are pictures!

  2. Nothing will happen to those manuscripts as long as they're in the drawer . . .


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