She's Back

She's Back
20 January 2012

The Occupy Front Woods crowd were back this morning. So I tried for a better photo of the white turkey hen. I'm working on this photography thing.
(Ironically the photos of the abandoned still in my subdivision are better. Want to see those? )

So I switched to the zoom lens, covered the flash, and pressed the lens to the window to get the shot.

Here's the white hen.
She needs a name, I think.

I wondered if she could fly like a regular hen. She can. As I came out with the corn, she flew off beautifully with the other twenty-six hens.

Sigh. I think the turkeys have that feeding thing backwards. Pecking the ground before the woman comes with the corn, then fly away when she comes out seems like a plan that needs revisiting.

Kath who needs lots of photography practice.


  1. Thanks!
    I'll let TPC know. To the best of my knowledge there are no turkey farms, thus domestic turkeys in the area. I did notice that there are two or three more hens with much lighter wing feathers than the norm.


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