Occupy Front Woods Crowd

Occupy Front Woods Crowd
19 January 2012
The Occupy Front Woods crowd was pacing for their ration of morning corn early this morning. Good thing I peered through the front window before I headed out to hang the bird feeders and scatter the corn. Those are BIG BIRDS, and there were waaay too many of them. 
Turkeys to the right of me- lots with one I’ve not seen in the wild. A white turkey. The Prince Consort said maybe it was just an elderly hen. I’m pretty sure turkeys don’t go gray. 
Turkeys to the left of me. This side of the woods three Toms were in full fluff.

For all the todo , they flew, and trotted (get it Turkey Trot) away when I opened the door to bring out the corn. That white one is a fast mover. 
 So the deer got the corn this morning. 
Kath who will never open the front door without looking first. 


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