Easily Entertained

Easily Entertained
17 January 2012
Usually grocery shopping is a chore. But today became a treasure hunt for smiles. 

First we hit the Foreign Foods aisle, British section. What would this pudding-in-a-can be called the American foods aisles? 

Then we discovered that whoever stocks the shelves in this grocery has a wicked sense of humor. 
Mexican foods section. Ironically I've never needed antacids with tortillas. 
Maybe move them down by the jalapeños?

                          Hangover? Bloody Mary? 
                          Start with the ibuprofen.

 Irony. Snack sized bags next to snack sized snacks.

              And the perfect comfort food from childhood. Animal crackers and juice. 

Kath, who will definitely be shopping this grocery for more than groceries. 


  1. So why didn't they put condoms and healing ointments by the Spotted Dick? You have a mission, Kath, the next time you shop there. . .

  2. How funny! I'm always in such a dither when I go grocery shopping that I would never notice this. Until now. I'll have to start paying attention. I just start enjoying going to the grocery again. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Vicki, are you sure you're not the stocker? I didn't notice this wild sense of humor until we were almost finished shopping. Next time I'll check out the personal items section. WHo knows? They may have cans of Spotted Dick next to the Trojans.

  4. Sylvia, I feel like you do about grocery shopping, or did. My newest mission is to see if another unit in this chain has the same sense of humor!


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