Vote for Your Favorite Reindeer

Vote for Your Favorite Reindeer
20 December 2011
It’s holiday time and everybody needs to dress up. Right? That includes the vehicles. 
Dude, the minivan, is good with being festive in his antlers and red nose, but he draws the line with parking next to large pick up trucks in the Tractor Supply lot., while wearing the reindeer rig.  Man up, Dude. 
Green Hornet the ATV got his name from my grandfather, who was not THE Green Hornet but who named his elderly green pick up truck The Green Hornet. The summer I was seven, Grandpa Jesse drove my sister and I off road and on, exploring the Mormon Lake area of AZ. 
Green Hornet the ATV and The Prince Consort off road through our forest down to the river. 
Green Hornet did not see the humor in the reindeer antlers and red nose. I swear he growled. Looks like it, right? 

So Vote for you favorite Christmas Reindeer. Vote early. Vote often. 
Kath, who is not taking sides, and not wearing the Reindeer costume, yet. 


  1. Green Hornet looks like those angry cats that have been inflicted with cute headgear. I wouldn't mess with him when he's in that mood.


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