New Tree-Tall Tree

New Tree- Tall Tree 
1 December 2011
Our first Christmas was pretty frugal. We stretched our budget to buy an artificial tree and one string of lights. I made paper chains of construction paper and baked (my best tasting Christmas confection for some years.) pinkish baking soda ornaments that would have been red if I’d used more than two drops of food coloring. 
First Tree lasted until Professor Daughter was in high school. The end came when the poundage of garland out-weighed the needles left on the tree. So we bought New Tree. 
Now Professor Daughter is a professor, and New Tree is holding its own. Except it’s short. Not that I have anything against short, being height challenged myself, but the family room ceiling is fourteen feet high. (We found that out when one of the ceiling lights went out. We needed one of those electric utility picker trucks to get up there to replace the bulb, almost.) 
So for the last few years The Prince Consort and I have shopped for a tall tree. We hit the pre-Halloween-Christmas-is-coming- sales, the during-Christmas-shopping-sales, and the Christmas-is-over-but-there’s-another-one-coming-sales. But we couldn’t bring ourselves to replacing New Tree. 
Which didn’t fix problem with how overwhelmed New Tree was in the family room. First Tree is only seven feet tall with the extra tall topper ornament. But then I had one of those moments of genius more often referred to in my family as ‘another one of her hair brained schemes.’ 
Last spring I shipped home furniture from my parents’ home. Among the items was a herd of cocktail tables. The one that used to sit in my parents’ family room would be perfect. 
So we (yeah, TPC did the work while I assisted with invaluable advice and directions.) put New Tree together on the table. Voila’ New Tree has gone from petite to pretty near nine feet tall! Go New Tree! 

Kath ,who at five feet tall, wishes she could walk sans-wobble in high heels the way New Tree stands firm on the table.  


  1. So if I stand on a cocktail table, will I look tall? Oh, and skinny, please.


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