The Many Faces of Fog

Many Faces of Fog
13 December 2011
I love Fog. It comes in many forms. From what you think of in San Francisco, south of where I was born, to the morning fog in my Kentucky front yard. A little spooky, a lot magical. 

And then there are the winter mornings when the fog freezes to every surface. From trees to weeds, everything encrusted in hairy iced fog. 
When the sun warms, everywhere diamonds will glitter. 

Some wear frozen fog on crown and nose. 

Look hard and you’ll see a fog bow. These show up as the sun chases fog deep into the ground. 
 When first I saw one, I thought I was hallucinating. Clearly a side-effect of too much exercising/walking. But my walking-partner saw it too. 
As I tried to catch up to the arch, I imagined if I could walk through, I’d find myself in that land beyond the rolling thick fog that closed in on us as we drove over the Allegheny Mountains. I’d find out what existed  beyond that wall of fog that made it feel like the world ended just feet from our car. 

Kath, fog lover. 


  1. What gorgeous photos and words. I once had an other-worldly experience walking on a moor in fog and finding a circle of standing stones.

  2. Oh, Tricia, there's a wonderful story in that! I'd love to hear more!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'll be on the lookout for a fogbow now!


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