Do You Know Where They Are?

Do You Know Where They Are? 
28 December 2011
Sounds like I’m off and running on where in the #$$% my #$$#%$% went to this time, huh? Nope. Because today is Professor Daughter’s birthday, I’m reminiscing. When she was a teenager, I was certifiable about knowing where she was and if she was okay. Day and night. 
Professor Daughter grew up and ran away to be a university professor. Which left TPC and I to obsess over her long distance and work on other obsessions at home. 
I suppose it was natural when The Prince Consort salivated over a wildlife camera he hoped Santa would bring. Santa came through. The Prince Consort strapped the motion activated camera on a tree in our front woods. We were going to find out what was going on out there when we weren’t watching, when we slacked off and slept at night. 
Anyway, because the wildlife camera time stamps the photos we can now answer ‘do you know where your daughter, I mean deer/turkeys/squirrels/cat are’? 

TPC set up the camera and headed inside.

That night. Yep, deer looking for a midnight snack. 

           In the morning, the usual suspects come for corn. 
Early afternoon, some present their best side to the camera. 

Nikki Cat, a little late for a turkey dinner. Come in the house, Nikki. 

Kath, who now knows what the critters are doing. And wishes Professor Daughter a Happy Birthday! 


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