$100 Sweet Tea

$100 Sweet Tea
2 December 2011
The Prince Consort and I decided to hit the One Dollar Menu at a local fast food place. We’re fans of the SweetTea (In American Deep South that’s one word-SweetTea, no pause between Sweet and Tea. This becomes VERY important.)
After we had our zero calorie meal (My sister swears the waxy paper absorbs the calories, which is why I NEVER bring fast food home and eat it off real plates. That would be fattening.), we gassed up The Dude. While The Prince Consort filled the tank with gas for a gob-smacking $3.15 a gallon, I had time to really read the restaurant specials board. Found something more expensive than gas. 
And I took a photo. 
My photography being what it is, this is what the sign says: 
Sweet   Tea   $100
Try our
Biscuit an Gravy

Luckily we had ordered SweetTea, with the Southern one word pronunciation, and got it for a dollar rather than the advertised $100. Whew! 

Kath, who does not have the nerve to order ‘Biscuit an Gravy’. Picturing congealed gravy in a biscuit shape. 


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