14 November 2011
A few days ago a political candidate had an ‘oops’ moment. One of those brain freezes  where no matter how you try to call it back, your brain left on a skiing vacation without you. 

Like I haven’t had those, often. 
My theory: my glasses cause my brain freezes. 
The more I walk around the house checking every table top, back of the couch, kitchen counters, back of the toilet, and any other flat surface, the more I cannot figure out where in the heck I left those #$$%%$ glasses. The Prince Consort suggested I  chain my glasses to me. 
Instead, I bought a slew of ‘readers’ and distributed them around the house. The flaw in this plan is that ‘reader’ glasses have a herd instinct, and, if found, will be gathered in a pile on my desk in my office. Which does not help when I’m trying to read a recipe. Okay, that’s a lie. TPC is the cook. But sometimes I need to read the potato chip bag to remind myself that maybe I don’t need an entire day’s caloric intake to come out of one brightly colored bag of salt and fat. 
And to be fair, I’m not the only one with ‘brain freezitis’. TPC’s cellphone went missing. No, it was not consorting with my glasses on the desk. But we did find it in the kitchen catch-all drawer. At least it wasn’t in the freezer or the washing machine, again. 
There may be an epidemic in my house. My twenty-year -old cat, SamCat, forgets where he’s going, where he’s gone, and where he’s headed back to. When he wakes up from one of his 375 daily naps, he gets down off the couch, heads to the left to the food and litter box area. Eats, drinks water, pees outside the litter box, then heads on through the kitchen, takes another left through the dining room, and another left toward his couch. But a good 50% of the time he cruises past the couch and repeats the food, water, litter-miss, cruise again cycle. 
Makes me dizzy. Maybe that’s why I am now wearing a pair of glasses on my nose and another on top of my head. 
Kath, who just lost her train of thought, again. Something about chocolate, right?  


  1. Snort! I just discovered five pair of my missing cheap-o glasses in the bottom of a seldom used book bag.

  2. Methinks you need more chocolate to cure this missing glasses dilemma.


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