Occupy Candy Shop Squirrel

Occupy Candy Shop Squirrel
22 November 2011
I thought chocolate lived in Hershey, PA. So this past weekend when we went to visit Professor Daughter in her new home, we all went touristing in Hershey. Big disappointment. The town did not smell of chocolate. The factory store had so many variations of Reese’s that I overloaded and had to be escorted out.  Bah humbug. 
I couldn’t sulk long. Professor Daughter took us downtown in her town. Hand made candies!! Not only was there salted dark caramels, but there was entertainment. Just before we got there, cooking caramel spilled over and burned.The shop door was propped open to air out the rather delicious burned caramel smell. An employee was stationed at the open door to prevent the Occupy-Candy-Shop-Protestor-Squirrel from dashing in. We purchased our goodies and made it out the door before the squirrel realized the bastions could be breeched. Or that we were making off with some of the booty.
Although I’m not entirely certain we were not followed. There were an awful lot of VERY big squirrels cruising Professor Daughter’s yard when we got there.  
Kath, who is safe in her own home nowhere near the Occupy Candy Shop Squirrel. Although there is a squirrel napping in the bird feeder tray. Occupy Bird Feeder Squirrel? 


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