I Missed my Nap

I Missed my Nap
10 November 2011
I missed my nap. Which is the test for a really good book. YA thriller UNTRACEABLE, by S. J. Johannes-Wells, began at a deceptively slow pace for the first thirteen pages, introducing the reader to the MC, her world, and her mission. Those pages are like gathering your breath before beginning a race. The rest of the book is impossible to put down. Forget naps, sleeping at night, eating, even chocolate. Whatever boring things you had in mind. 
While everyone else, even her mother, believes Grace’s dad is dead, Grace will not give up until she finds him. Her blind belief leads her to murderers, a deadly plot, and a stranger she falls for hard. Her world is full of strangers she thought she knew. The not knowing could cost her her life. 
Like I’ve said before. I’m a writer. Since it appears the conventional publishers find me resistible, I’ve started learning about self-publishing, but doing it the right way. When S.J. Johannes-Wells offered a course in what she did to self publish, I knew I wanted her expertise.  All I had to do in exchange was read and review her first self-published novel. I am definitely the winner in this bargain. 
And if you read UNTRACEABLE, out November 29th, you’re a winner too. Want to be a bigger winner? sign up for Shelli’s newsletter and get a discount on UNTRACEABLE for the first 24 hours after the release. You’ll get a note on the 29th. 
Kath, who is trying not to feel smug about already having read UNTRACEABLE and planning on giving up more naps for the sequels. 


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