The Evil Geniuses Return

The Evil Geniuses Return
4 November 2011
We got tired of hunting down the bits and reassembling the bird feeders every morning. So last night we decided to outwit the raccoons and lock the feeders up in a garbage can secured with bungee cords.
But the raccoons got the memo. 
 This morning I found the bird feeder-garbage can halfway across the driveway. Still intact.  

The Prince Consort wants to know how they dragged it that far and kept it upright. 
I say a better question is: How many raccoons did it take to push it this far? And how many more will be back tonight? Will they bring garbage can-cracking tools, or just help themselves to ours?  
Kath, who is definitely not leaving any extension cords or power tools out. And is pricing a laser security system. 


  1. And don't leave the keys in your car! Those little boogers are capable of most anything!

  2. I was a little worried about the digging machine the workers left in the yard over night. We could have found ourselves with a moat by this morning.

    But I'm guessing the raccoon gang was at the honky tonk down the river for Friday night festivities. (There are two dumpsters in the parking lot!)
    The garbagecan-feederstorage had only moved three feet this morning.


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