Trick or Treat Candy Advisory

Trick or Treat Candy Advisory
31 October 2011
Sorry Trick or Treaters. I’m way ahead of schedule this year, and the Halloween candy is already eaten. Thanks to a number of excellent suggestions on variations for the Halloween Trail Mix. (Among which were Han Nolan and Ann Dorer suggested chocolate chips to replace the missing chocolate candy corn. Unhappily The Prince Consort has given up chocolate and in the process wiped out all our chocolate chips. I roughed it with just the roasted peanuts and the candy corn,)

 I’ve scarfed up all the Candy Corn .
So hup on over next door for Halloween treats, where they probably haven’t eaten all their candy, including chocolate. Well, that is as long as The Prince Consort has not paid them a visit. 
Kath with the Candy Corn headache. 


  1. Ahhh...a girl after my own heart! I have placed the "remaining" candy in a medium sized bowl and wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap. (Like that's going to stop me!)You're hysterical! ^_^ Happy Halloween!

  2. We used to put leftover candy in the freezer in the basement. Slowed down the random snacking but not the serious munchies.


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