Stumbling Around the 21st. Century

Stumbling Around the 21st. Century
27 October 2011
So our first iPhone arrived.The Prince Consort and I are the last in our family to get one. And there’s a good reason for that.
When we ordered it, I was overwhelmed at the  thought of such a complicated phone. I proposed I take the old phone and TPC take on the responsibility of the iPhone. 
But then it came back. TPC curse. 
Before TPC retired, his staff members learned to huddle protectively over their computers when he came near. Computers just didn’t like him, and acted up to prove it. 
But this spring he took over our very first iPad. The two of them are now best friends. I literally never see one without the other, even sleeping together each night. (Don’t ask.) So I thought the Curse was over. 
But while we waited for the new phone to arrive, TPC’s old phone went wonky. So we went to the phone store and had them swap his SIM card into my old dependable phone. And then, yep, my phone went wonky. Uh huh. 
By the time the iPhone arrived, I decided I had to take it on. 
I followed the instructions to fire up the new phone. But I got diverted (long attention span is not my forte’). I tried out the SIRI thingy. And that went soooo well. After five minutes of me screaming, “NO. NOT Orthopedist! Pizza Place, you #$%$%.” I shut down the phone. 
Next day we went back to the phone store to finish the ‘get it going’ routine. It’s fine now. 
Okay, not exactly. I decided to try the camera. Held the camera face up to my face to shoot the photo. Remembered that’s NOT how digital cameras work. Held the phone out. Clicked a photo. Decided I need a close-up. Touched the screen and managed to start a video. Luckily I didn’t know it until I got home, or there’d have been some pretty colorful narration. Which would have been so not good, since I signed up for that iCloud thing, which shares every damn secret you ever had over all of creation. At least from Apple thingy to Apple thingy. And there are a lot of thingies. 
Of course since the phone didn’t make the clicking camera noise no matter how often I touched the little red button (which I now know means video), I tried touching other parts of the screen. Next thing I know I’m looking at my own face!!! COME ON! I was out on my morning walk sans makeup, with just-rolled-out-of-bed-get-going hair, COME ON! 
Yep. I shut down the phone and finished my walk. 
The Prince Consort heard on TV that someone asked SIRI ‘“What’s the best place to hide a body?” I am SO not handing over my phone to TPC. I’m dead sure SIRI would give him at least ten good places. And probably tell him where the nearest Pizza Place is too. 


  1. once you get used to it - iphone will be your new best friend :)

  2. Ha, you're hilarious! I'm here from Shelli's. Nice to meet you.

  3. Hahaha! I am horrible with cell phones, but! I love my blackberry, not the phone part, when it rings I actually panic and forget how to answer the blasted thing! hahaha! I love it for emailing and texting and having the web at my fingertips. Think of it as a mini computer, not a phone.

  4. Kath - Your post is hilarious - I can always use more humor in my life! ^_^ I'm so glad Shelli Johannes offered the "shout-outs." I look forward to checking in on your great blog! Take care ~ Victoria

  5. Shelli, Tricia, Tanya, and Victoria- Thank you so much for reading. Shelli is awesome. When you get a chance to read her book - DO!

    Sigh, the phone. The saga goes on.


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