Mixing it up with Candy Corn

Mixing it up with Candy Corn 
20 October 2011
It’s been a week since the candy corn took up residence on my desk. And I was doing okay just admiring the colors through the crystal biscuit barrel. Pretty much. Okay, so the jar got down to half full.
Then my writer friend Jan ( www.janetlbuck.com ) shared her Halloween Trail Mix. She can write a thriller that makes you stay up all night. And clearly she is equally as genius at cooking. 
 Obviously she’s into food balancing. She came up with this combination of salt and sweet and chocolate. Other than wine, I believe that takes care of all the food groups. 
So Jan mixes the candy corn with roasted peanuts and chocolate candy corn. And mix. Hello. I was ready to walk all the trails around for hours for this kind of trail mix! 
But I didn’t have chocolate candy corn. Sigh. 
Being out of chocolate candy corn is pretty much like not having red wine for the spaghetti sauce. Improvise. Pour no more than half of your glass of chardonnay in the sauce. 
No. I did not pour the rest of my glass of chardonnay in the candy jar in lieu of chocolate candy corn. I did without. Without the chocolate. Not without the wine.    
Simplified train mix. I mean trail mix. Equal portions of regular candy corn and dry roasted peanuts (with salt. Let’s be serious. This is NOT a diet dish.). Shake the jar. Look at the pretties. Fish out a candy corn and a peanut. Chew together. YUM!!! 
Wash down with ...   Ooops. Open a new bottle of wine. Well, now there’s a question. Red or white with candy corn trail mix? 


  1. Girl, I may need to stage an intervention. Or perhaps I'll just come eat all the peanuts...

  2. Hmm. Or I could throw in some semi sweet chocolate chips.

  3. I've had some interesting suggestions for Halloween Trail Mix:
    as to wine choice Jan says"White. Definitely white. Unless it's Italian Chianti, which goes with everything!

    Alternative mixes from Jan:How about M&M's or the new Hershey's Drops (just the latest of a long line of addictions!) I can vouch that they're good with roasted peanuts.



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