Candy Corn Headache

Candy Corn Headache
13 October 2011
So I put on so much weight over the last Godiva-stuffed year that the sleek clothes in my closet pushed each other out of the way to hide behind the ‘fat’ clothes. Bad sign. 
Even The Prince Consort gave me the, ‘aren’t we fluffy’ eyebrow raise. So it was time to diet. I went cold turkey on the Godiva addiction. Although my keyboard is drool stained  from reading the online Godiva ads and offers. But at least the crumb level has diminished in my closet. 
What? You don’t eat in your closet? Well, honey, you just don’t have an eating problem, do you? Bless your heart.
I was doing okay until Halloween showed up. One of my big weaknesses is candy corn. Love it. Snarf it down. Get a head ache. Love it. Snarf more down. Get a really big headache. Still love it. 
I was feeling real cocky about hurdling the Trick or Treats monster, and eating like a normal person. But today came. And that recipe showed up online for Candy Corn Fudge. Which clearly you cannot make unless you own candy corn, maybe not a full bag, anymore, but some. 
 I added the grocery store to the errands list. Because we needed milk and veggies and good things like that. If they just happen to have candy corn on sale ... Which they did. 
For crying out loud, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without that Candy Corn Headache. And who knows? The Candy Corn Fudge could be a winner. Oh, fine, someone ate too many candy corns to make the fudge. Back to the grocery store. 
Biscuit jar of candy corn. A little skewed because when you’re in a hurry to finish writing and photographing and get to eating ... Kath 


  1. Dang -- I never thought of candy corn as edible. Cute but that's it. But my addictions aren't sweet things -- fried things are my downfall.


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