Some Don't Like it Hot

Some Don’t Like it Hot
3 September 2011
I do not like it hot. While I find everything in nature beautiful be it a desert or a mountain, I don’t keep well in the heat. Makes me cranky, sweaty, snarky, sleepy, sneezy, and doc. I’ve had plenty of time to figure this out. Been there done that whether it’s living in a steamy jungle in Central America or kill-me-now hot and humid in South Florida. 
 I count the days to Fall. In the heat I dress in a full complement of underwear, slacks or jeans, a top, and yes a short jacket to disguise the muffin top over the jeans waist band. 
Not everybody subscribes to my dress code when it’s hot. Some shed more, including good sense. 

I almost missed her, but The Prince Consort did not. We were almost finished grocery shopping when TPC called my attention to a very attractive young woman pushing a cart in front of us. She wore lightweight white slacks, make that read the telephone book fine print through the flimsy material slacks, and underneath a thong. We had a jaw dropping view of her buttocks. To say she was an eyeful is … TPC forgot to buy chocolate ice cream. 
What was she thinking? I know what he was thinking. And what I was thinking. 
See-through-slacks-woman may have single handedly insured a large group of men volunteering to grocery shop. I do Not like the heat and what it does to… Wait. I could get out of grocery shopping? 


  1. It's truly amazing the things some folks will wear in public.


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