Bloggity Blog, Piece of Cake my Bloggity Blog

Bloggity Blog, Piece of Cake my Bloggity Blog
24 September 2011
A couple of days ago Broom Hilda, comic strip witch, commented on blogs and taking them seriously. She doesn’t. I do, and I don’t. 
Others yes. Mine, No!  My blog is meant to help me laugh at life. If I weren’t good at displacing reality, I would have done more than bang my head on my desk while I dealt with the computer tech.  
It all started when Senior, my Old (according to the shocked face of the young computer shop employee when she heard the age)  laptop, began random noises and freezing up. I hit the panic button and bought Junior. The computer store employee assured me transferring all essential files and stuff to Junior would be a piece of cake. 
Do Not believe anyone who uses the phrase ‘piece of cake.’ Ever! 
So I spent two days ‘piece of caking’ the files and applications one by one from Senior to Junior. Ran out of cake, so I made the HELP call. The first tech had a work- around for my music files. It was loading when she transferred me to the Specialist for the rest. Other than playing Mahjong at the same time he was very slowly talking to me, I have no idea what he was a Specialist in. After repeating three times that I’d already tried A,B,C, and repeating for the fifth time  “No, there is no icon on Senior’s iPhoto file.” and “Yes. I know what an icon is,” I bit my tongue, did not scream, and banged my head on my desk. I ended the phone call. After an hour, he’d worn me down. 
 All the old files are still on Senior; who is looking very smug. Not that I suspect that while I left the office to feed SamCat, Senior made a pre-emptive call to the tech. No way did Senior make a deal with the tech to keep his essential files. What on earth could a computer offer up? Other than all the Hints on how to get to the top level on Mahjong.
Yeah, Brumhilda, bloggity blog blog, piece of cake. 
bloggity blogging from Senior.


  1. I feel your pain -- I still haven't moved everything from my old laptop to my new one.


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