He said IT

He said It
26 August 2011
Because it is my duty to rat The Prince Consort out, I went in the exam room with him on his doctor’s appointment. I swear going in wasn’t entirely about my first shot at hearing a doctor say TPC needed to lose weight. TPC is naturally thin, but along with quitting smoking and becoming the primary cook in the house, he’s gained weight. 
So I kept a straight face, snorted only intermittently, and took lots of notes. For once I wasn’t being grilled about what I ate and how much I exercised. TPC just didn’t know how to play this game. He didn’t nod and answer with all the ‘sincere’ things to reassure the doc that you’ll mend your ways. So the appointment went kind of long. 
As the doc walked us down the hall, he said he’d see TPC in six weeks, and he bet TPC was thinking of coming without me. And I thought I’d been so low key.
That’s what I assumed, but I got it wrong. I thought the doc had worn TPC down, and it would be diet and exercise time. I only thought that for as long as it took us to step out into the parking lot. 
As the office door swung shut, TPC said, “I’m hungry. Where do you want to go to lunch? I was thinking about Chick Fil A the whole time the doc was talking.” 
I laughed until I cried. This is why TPC and I belong together. 
Kath who is fluffy but not alone in her fluffiness. 


  1. In a just world, one would stop being hungry after consuming the necessary calories.

  2. Hello! I am Helene.

    Vicki Lane,tnis is correct!


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