Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. 
12 August 2011
SamCat turned twenty years old last Saturday. Unfortunately he began this new score of years on the day I decided to move his litter box to a ‘more convenient’ location. And since he was not consulted about this change in his environment, he decided to vote with his feet. The vote was No. 
Box or no box, Sam decided to keep using the old floor space. Which means the Prince Consort and I spend a lot of time following SamCat around when he gets up from his nest on the back of the couch. Hoping to catch him before he pees on the wood floor. 
So far it’s SamCat-9, stupid humans-2. Randomly he uses the box just to lull us into believing he’s caught on to where the box is, five feet from his food and water, which he visits hourly or more. 
SamCat is the smartest cat we’ve ever been personal servants to. Therefore, I’m a bit suspicious it’s not so much that he objects to the new box placement as this turned out to be his chance to get even. 
Like for: 
Bringing home a scary big statue, which now tastefully dwells on the front porch. 

Trying to steal his toy ‘rat’. 

Trying to make him into a snowcat. 
Taking undignified photos of him. 

Going to a state park and only bringing him a crummy cap. 

Judging by how fast TPC and I now fly off the couch to follow SamCat, I’m deeply suspicious that SamCat is not the one learning a new trick. 
Kath , who is an old dog who still believes she can outlast a cat.  Yeah. Right. 


  1. Oh, yes, cats will get even. But it sounds as if Sam about has you trained.


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