Tie Vote

Tie Vote
18 May 2011
So yesterday was primary day in my state. But the real voting took place in The Prince Consort’s closet. I lost, but I know I was right. 
Yesterday he decided to remove all the clothes he no longer wears. We have decidedly different philosophies on this matter. Whereas he thinks if he hasn’t worn it in ten years and doesn’t see the likelihood that he’ll ever be that size again, he’s all for donating the clothes to charity. Which is why today he can get in and out of his closet without being attacked by claustrophobic clothes trying to escape. 
On the other hand, I truly believe one day I will be the same petite size I was in high school, or college, or pre-birth of only progeny, and I’m not about to let all those stylish clothes go. I’d just have to replace them when I finally get out of size-”I ate all the Cheezits and drank all the Pepsis” clothes and down to “I only eat salads and like it petite.” Besides, styles come back into fashion. I’m dead certain shoulder pads will get 1980‘s big again. And for crying out loud, the clothing the young people wear today looks spookily like what I wore in college. 
So The Prince Consort took advantage of my writing time, and loaded boxes for charity from his closet. He’d been much too quiet for too long so I went to check. Yeah, I learned this one from raising my only progeny, Professor Daughter, and a slew of cats. Unlike the cats, TPC was not busily eating the head off some rodent. But he gobsmacked me nonetheless. 
He’d sorted his ties. Box for charity. Pile to keep. We do not share taste in ties. Keep in mind TPC until a few years ago daily wore a suit and tie of conservative bent.  But he’s keeping the cigar tie with the sports motif reverse side, and donating the tasteful and chic ties I hand picked for him. Please. 
Here’s the photographic proof. On the left his treasured cigar/sports tie in each photo. On the right my chic taste. 
What do you think? Vote now. And vote often. 


  1. Oh, you remind me of difficult decisions to be made in my own closet . . . and as for the ties -- I can only say, Yikes!


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