Orange and Green

Green and Orange
16 March 2011
So tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day. I love holidays. Especially ones where I get to dress up in a color that goes well with my eyes. I love green. If you look around my house, or if you can get a guide with a torch and a machete and get into my closet, you’ll see a lot of green. almost as much as black. 
Black is an accent color. I read that you are supposed to have something black in every room. So I do. Even if I have to spray paint something. Which may factor into why the cats and The Prince Consort move fast when I have the black spray paint in my hands.
Black is also a good color for clothing. Very slimming. Basic. Classic. Goes with everything, including green. I have a good stock of black clothing. About the time I hauled home a black bathrobe, TPC called my attention to the what was clearly to him a disturbing plethora of black. He said something like, “Is there a reason you’re buying so much black?”  (Come to think of it this was also when he started having the cat taste his food before he ate anything I prepared.)
Needless to say, the entertainment value of bringing home another black anything was too great to resist. 
But back to St. Patrick’s Day and the Wearing of the Green. When I was young, I was told that to be accurate, as a Presbyterian, I should wear orange not green. Please. Orange does not go with freckles, almost-green eyes, somewhat natural blonde hair, or a red face after a couple of lovely green St. Patrick’s day beers. Trust me. This Celt is wearing green, licking the green icing off the cupcakes, and drinking green. 
Luck of the Irish to you,


  1. I wore a green turtle neck with my black jeans and black blazer on St. Patrick's Day. I'm a big fan of black -- goes with everything. It saves having to think much...

  2. Hello! I wore a green turtleneck yesterday too.
    Absolutely. I do whatever I can to preserve brain cells, so lots of black.


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