Lost Focus

Lost focus
22 March 2011
So rain is coming in tonight, and we discovered wood rot on the front porch column. The Prince Consort got out the tools and do dads to remove the rot and repair the column. Which is in no way as easy as you’d think. Much chipping away of rotted stuff. Prying up trim and checking for this and that. Mixing of really stinky stuff in a can. Patient layering of wood putty to replace the removed wood. We haven’t (and I do use the royal ‘we’ as I was in my supervisor role.) gotten to the caulking and painting or nailing and cutting. None of the fun stuff. 
This is a labor intensive process. It’s a good thing one of us is patient. The patient one, aka TPC, kept up with the layering of the putty stuff that smells so bad it makes the cat box smell like $5000 an ounce perfume.
 And the un-patient one lost focus and wandered off. 
That would be me. Not that I was slacking. I had a mission. The daffodils demanded their photograph be taken. So I had to comply. 
After the hillside flowers were immortalized (at least until I have another camera or computer crash), the front garden flowers needed appreciation. Which brought me back to where the TPC labored patiently on another layer of putty. 
But that’s when the trouble struck. I noticed two things. An old flower pot that needed paint, almost as much as did the old garden rocker. AHA!!! 
I knew where there was a full can of blue spray paint in need of a mission. So while the TPC labored on, I dragged the chair and pot around by the garage and sprayed them sky blue. TADA! 

About the time I finished, so had The Prince Consort. He needed to check on the caulking gun,( I swear I did not know repairing front porch columns involved firearms.)   so he came around to where I was hunting for something to get spray paint off my legs. (Pict ancestors or not, no blue legs.) 
TPC took one look at the blue chair and pot and said he was going to call the stockbroker. Clearly I’d gone spray paint crazy, Again, and there was a profit to be made by owning the companies that make spray paint. The day before I’d spray painted the coldframe we made, a tasteful green and brown. 
While I’m now out of green, brown, and blue spray paint, I do have red, gold, silver, white, and the ever tasteful black. I just need to focus. Right? 


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