Hail No

Hail No
24 March 2011
Having read about blue spray painting the garden chair and pots,  my friend asked how I kept paint off of the surrounding areas.  
For a split second I considered morphing into the Arts and Crafts Advice Guru. But the truth is I didn’t use the painting tarp The Prince Consort keeps in the garage. I didn’t even haul out the near mountain of broken flat cardboard boxes I swore were for protecting surfaces when I paint. 
Nope. I just plopped the chair and the pots on the lawn near the garage and went at it. 
And I got caught. When TPC saw the mess, he wanted to know, “Why?” 
And oh, the rationalization came so easily. “There isn’t any actual grass here. You said you wanted to get rid of all these weeds. So, TADA! I sprayed them. And besides we’re getting rain tonight.” 
When we got an impressive hail storm that left a snow-like layer, I thought I was home free. Stupid hail. The blue paint is still there. It’s going to be a long time before The Prince Consort stops getting mileage out of this one. 
Is this how crop circles got started? 


  1. Yeah, We have some little mementos like that. :-)


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