Waving the White Flag

Waving the White Flag
17 December 2010 
So it’s COLD. Icy cold. A salt truck slid off a county road and turned over. Black ice, compacted ice under the snow. We’ve had enough snow, rain, and icy rain, that our 300 foot uphill driveway is an ice slide. We must get the driveway cleared.
The Prince Consort and I get out the shovels and the broom. Yep, broom. Amazing how much ice and snow can be swept off a porch, walk, driveway. Better than a shovel.
Two hours and one scary slide thirty feet down the driveway before I throw myself off into the snow, we have enough ice and snow removed to throw ‘salt’ on the remaining ice. Our backs hurt, and I’m all sweaty under my fourteen layers. 
We’re being watched. 
We’ve discovered, much to our minivan The Dude’s chagrin, that our minivan is better on winter roads than the Camry Hybrid. The Dude is not amused by our wet and now cold climate, nothing like his native Southern California. In addition to his tarp (aka ‘blanky’) to fend off rain, snow, and now ice, we’ve purchased floor mats for our finicky mini van. As he will point out, wet muddy feet never entered his interior until he came to live with us. Fine. 
I swear we are Not buying the snowblower for The Dude. 
Our neighbor finished his drive in ten minutes. He bought a snowblower about two years ago. Smart. So The Prince Consort phones David and asks what kind of snowblower he has, does he like it, and where did he get it? David laughs. He and Lisa were wondering when we’d run up the white flag and buy one. 

The snowblower is due to arrive around December 27th. The Dude says to name it The Snowman Bloweth. Seems long to me. White Flag would work.   Kath 


  1. Oh these icy driveways! My husband has a tractor and scrape blade but just now it's too icy to bring the tractor up without chains on it.


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