Snowed In

Snowed In
1 December 2010 
My fingers were numb before I got around to hauling the garbage and recycle cans up the driveway. First I had to tend to a very put out Dude. (Californian mini van who sometimes refers to himself as Stranger in a Strange Land now that he lives with us in Kentucky.) 
The Dude had a dusting of snow on his wind shield, again! And it was snowing big soft flakes. While I knew the snow would not stick, or continue long, it’s better to humor The Dude. So fighting the wind that tore ‘blanky’ off The Dude four times, I tucked the tarp around him. 

By the time I came back down the drive from hauling up the garbage cans, The Dude has what he describes as “three or four feet of snow” on top of his tarp. (See photo.)  Not that he’s prone to exaggeration. The Dude insisted I include a photo that shows the “big bloppy” snow falling on the front deck (“where the umbrella that Should be Over The Dude is”). 

By the Way. The Prince Consort became The Dude’s hero when TPC nixed my idea of dressing out The Dude in mini-van sized festive reindeer antlers and red nose.     Kath 


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