Nekkid Throne and Don Key

Nekkid Throne and Don Key 
 16 November 2010 
We started the Throne’s renovation here. 
 I left TPC busily removing the 909 gazillion staples, to go work on my NaNo manuscript. About an hour later, TPC called me into the living room to observe the progress. I found The Prince Consort had assigned Don Key to supervisor status, complete with mask protection against 35-year-old-sketchy-mold.

Three days later TPC and I removed the last of the trillion gazillion staples, the stuffing, and faux leather. Don Key inspected the nekkid throne. He’s dubious about leaving this one piece of cotton batting on the inside back, but allows we can spray with hydrogen peroxide. Today TPC and I hitch up The Dude (who says, “NO! It’s raining, and I’m not coming out from under my ‘blankey’.”) and go get the ordered fabric and a lot more padding than we originally thought we’d need. No, that is not Only because I am way more padded than I was 35 years ago when we bought this chair.



  1. Brave folks to undertake this! I bet it's going to look great!


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