Butt Tuck

Butt Tuck 
24 November 2010 
What’s black and white and stapled all over? 
Yep. The wingback chair reupholstery project. We stapled all the batting on. I cut out the seat and inside pieces of the fabric. Carefully placed them, lining up the teeny polka dots, figuring out where to start stapling, and then I noticed we’d stapled the batting over the sides and back. We had covered the areas we needed to get to to pull through fabric to staple on the back. So pull out half a gazillion batting staples. 
The fabric, loosely tucked, I shoved the chair to the wall until after Thanksgiving, or until I regain some nerve to go ahead and staple again. 
Don Key’s buddy, the bulldog Semper Fi, thinks we should ‘get ‘er done’. So he demonstrated the back-up butt tuck, to get those tight corners. Everybody’s a critic. 


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